Pocket Profile

What does Pocket Profile do?

With Pocket Profile, you can search for real time property information like property address, mailing address, legal description, parcel and tract information, tax information, property characteristics, nearby properties, comparable sales and plat maps.

Pocket Profile lets you search for property information by what you know:

  • Property Address
  • Owners’ Name
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)

You can also view “Near By” properties using the phone's built-in GPS. In addition, Pocket Profile allows you to:

  • Save recent searches for easy retrieval later
  • Share property information with their clients or the office

TICOR POCKET PROFILE APP is FREE and can be downloaded from the APP Store on your phone or through iTunes

TICOR POCKET PROFILE APP for Android Operating System and can be downloaded FREE from www.androidzoom.com

TICOR POCKET PROFILE APP for BlackBerry can be downloaded FREEfrom appworld.blackberry.com

All that data in your pocket - what could be better?